The UrbanTrek trips take you to large and small urban centres. There we will walk and discover archaeological, historical, artistic and natural traces that are there for all to see but are too often neglected during the frantic pace of modern life.


CountryTrek journeys take us outside cities and towns, allowing us to (re)discover the archaeological, historic, artistic and natural components of the landscape – the plains, the mountains and the lakes – at a leisurely pace.

 Events calendar

In the Footsteps of the Great War Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Easy
Franciacorta by bike Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Easy
The Risorgimento in Brescia Duration: Half day (3-4 hours) | Level: Medium
Traces of Brixia Duration: Half day (3-4 hours) | Level: Easy
To the summit of Montisola Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Medium
Geology and Palaeontology of the "Sabbioni del Po" - full-day version Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Easy
Rock-art National Parks of Capo di Ponte Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Easy
Rock-art above the Oglio Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Medium
Small churches of the Upper Valcamonica Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Medium
Castell'Arquato and the Arda fossils Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Easy
Geology and Palaeontology of the "Sabbioni del Po" Duration: Half day (3-4 hours) | Level: Easy
Discovering Brescia's city walls Duration: Half day (3-4 hours) | Level: Easy
Rock-art of Paspardo Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Medium
Churches of the Barberino Park Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: Medium
Pyramids...and prehistoric reptiles Duration: Full day (6-8 hours) | Level: DIfficult

About us

Kulturtrek grew out of the idea that it is time to get back to enjoying moving slowly, on foot, with the curiosity to learn about the things that we encounter along the way.

We began in Brescia because it is our home. But not only that – Brescia is also a city at the foot of the mountains and the edge of the plain.  From there we can travel on new paths, towards new places and new knowledge.

We want to rediscover the city on foot. Beyond the city, we want to explore at leisure, either on foot or using other, relatively slow, means of transport such as bicycles or trains.

We are walkers, curious, outdoorsy, lovers of culture and seekers of treasure. Our country, Italy, is rich in treasures that we often ignore because of the pace of modern life (and perhaps also our own laziness). We want to find – and to help you find – the beauties in this world that we all need to nourish our minds and souls.

As the young English Romantic poet John Keats wrote:
…a thing of beauty is a joy forever

Giovanna Kulturtrek


Archaeologist, anthropologist, guide and tour accompanier, voyager, walker…dreamer.

I love the land and the mountains, history and people. I like to share my passions, my knowledge, and those things that I have learned along the way.

As a great walker wrote “life itself is a journey to be walked on foot” (Bruce Chatwin).

TEL.   (+39) 338 480 1777

Email: info@kulturtrek.eu

Giovanna Kulturtrek


Archaeologist, Englishman abroad, economist, reader, traveller…

I have come to love Italy – the main focus of my archaeological research – and am always delighted to share my passion for, and knowledge of, the country with others.

One learns so much more by taking one’s time and really taking in one’s surroundings rather than rushing through them on the way to the next “must-see sight”.

TEL.    (+39) 328 632 2254

Email: info@kulturtrek.eu



Archaeologist, cultural heritage professional and tour guide. Passionate about art and the past. I love to travel in Italy and abroad and to introduce people to the beauties of my city.  I love to talk – when that means revealing to others the beauties and secrets of Brescia and its surroundings along with wonderful views and fascinating stories! My job allows me to share these things with others – and to do so with passion and professionalism.



Travel, travel and more travel! In the past, small caravans, tents and camper-vans were my travel companions. I was an interpreter and translator before becoming a tour guide – friends laugh at me because I am still to be found on a bicycle, map in hand, discovering new places, even in winter! Are you ready to come with me to discover this land rich with history, culture and tradition but also natural sites that are unique in Italy?



Geologist, specialised in the study of Ice Age mammals, always looking to travel as much as possible to see new palaeontological sites and to meet new people.
Life is a voyage and the palaeontologist reconstructs the life-voyages of many living things, often finding himself far from home



Environmental hiking guide, tour leader, holistic operator, mindfulness facilitator.
I have always loved slow trekking as a way to reach a profound connection with nature. I love helping people to experience deep emotions by taking them to the most beautiful places and helping them discover those features hidden in nature’s codes. I also love creating holistic walks and hikes focused on photography.
I speak Italian, German, and English

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