Duration: Full day (6-8 hours)
Level: Easy

Distance covered: TBD 

Elevation change: TBD 

Type of path: Mixed: paved and unpaved

Recommended clothing: Waterproof jacket

Recommended footwear: Comfortable walking shoes or lighweight boots

Recommended equipment:

Lunch: Bring a packed lunch or buy something locally

Price: € 15 *Custom pricing available for groups

Minimum number of participants: 10

Type of event:

The visit begins at the Cividate Camuno railway station that can be reached by train (Trenord – http://www.trenord.it/EN/) or by other means of transport.

Near the station is the Valcamonica National Archaeological Museum (www.museoarcheologico.valcamonicaromana.beniculturali.it) where Roman remains from Cividate Camuno and other parts of Valcamonica are displayed.  We then continue along the river Oglio until we reach the Via Palazzo archaeological area and then that of the Cividate Camuno Roman Theatre and Amphitheatre where we will visit the well-preserved remains of the two entertainment centres of this little Roman town in an Alpine valley (www.parcoarcheologicocividate.valcamonicaromana.beniculturali.it).

After a packed lunch (or something purchased from one of Cividate’s bars and restaurants) we will walk through a tunnel cut into Monte Barberino to reach the area known as Spinera in the  neighbouring town of Breno.  Here we find the Sanctuary of Minerva from which came many of the artefacts that we saw in the National Museum. The site lies in a very atmospheric location between a rocky wall and the river Oglio.

We then finish the trip by retracing our steps to the Cividate Camuno railway station.


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