Duration: Full day (6-8 hours)
Level: Medium

Meeting point: Capo di Ponte railway station

Meeting time: 0830

Distance covered: 13 km 

Elevation change: 650 m 

Type of path: Mixed: paved and unpaved

Recommended clothing: Waterproof jacket

Recommended footwear: Lightweight boots or hiking boots

Recommended equipment: Hiking poles

Lunch: Bring a packed lunch

Price: € 15 *Custom pricing available for groups

Minimum number of participants: 10

Type of event:

This trip takes us into the chestnut woods to find three wonderful but little-visited rock-art sites in the comune of Paspardo.

Starting from the Capo di Ponte railway station we will walk along the “new” (1980s) road towards Paspardo.  After a while we will leave the asphalt road to take the old path through the chestnut woods towards Paspardo.

Reaching the edge of Paspardo we will turn towards Capitello dei Due Pini.  Here we will see Copper Age (3500-2000 BC) rock-art representing male and female figures – perhaps ancestors.  A rock outcrop near Capitello gives us an excellent view over Middle Valcamonica.

Returning to the village of Paspardo we will enter an area of woods, passing under a bridge where we will see a couple of pieces of Copper Age rock-art that were inadvertently incorporated into the bridge walls!  We will then reach the In Valle rock-art site, a long, curved rock notable for very large (1 metre or so) images of warriors.  These large figures are strongly concentrated in the Paspardo area.  Here we will eat tour picnic lunch.

Returning from In Valle we will walk down the “new road” until we reach the rock art site of Dos Sotto Laiolo.  Here we will see a variety of Iron Age rock-art, including some fine axes, Camunian Roses and another large warrior figure.  From Dos Sotto Laiolo one has perhaps the best panoramic view in Middle Valcamonica – close to 100 square kilometres is visible!

We will then descend on the old path and rejoin the “new road” to return to Capo di Ponte.

Some photos of the places we will visit:

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