Duration: 2:30 hours
Level: Easy

Meeting point: Brescia railway station forecourt

Meeting time: 14:30

Distance covered: 3 km 

Elevation change: 40 m 

Type of path: Paved

Recommended clothing: Nothing specific

Recommended footwear: Comfortable walking shoes

Recommended equipment: Nothing specific

Price: € 10 *Custom pricing available for groups

Minimum number of participants: 10 (maximum 25)

Notes: Info: 328 6322254 (Craig) 338 4801777 (Giovanna)

Trip proposed by: Craig

Type of event:

The visit begins at the Brescia railway station – there is a metro stop and a large carpark nearby.

The walk covers much of the city centre. We will see marks left on the city by the Allied bombing campaign of 1944/45. These include air raid shelters, signs indicating such shelters and their emergency exits, hydrants for firefighters and physical signs of damage from bombs and bullets that are still visible today.

We finish the trip at the monument to those who died during the Allied bombing of the city. The railway station lies a couple of hundred metres away.

Some pictures taken along our route:




Le prenotazioni sono chiuse per questo evento. / Bookings for this event are closed.

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