Duration: Full day (6-8 hours)
Level: Easy

Type of path: Mixed: paved and unpaved

Recommended clothing: Nothing specific

Recommended footwear: Wellingtons (rubber boots)

Recommended equipment: Hiking poles

Lunch: Bring a packed lunch

Price: € 15 plus museum ticket €1.50 *Custom pricing available for groups

Minimum number of participants: 10

Type of event:

A nature-focussed trip along the so-called “Sabbioni del Po”, riverine geological structures typical of the meandering course of the river in the Low Po Plain, looking for the fossils of mammals that lived here many thousands of years ago. The guide will explain the geological phenomena that led to the creation of the “Sabbioni” and why we can find mammalian fossils here.  In addition to the geology and palaeontology, the guide will also discuss the flora and environmental aspects of the area.

Among the things that we may see along the “Sabbioni” are remains of mammoths, giant deer, bison and other mammals.  We will also see traces left by man, primarily in the form of pottery sherds of all periods, particularly from the Roman, Medieval, renaissance and modern periods.

The field trip will be sandwiched between visits to two small museums in the area in which the tour participant can see displays related to the things we will see in the field: San Daniele Po will be visited in the morning and the Cremona Natural History Museum in the afternoon.

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